Part One - The Boys

I wrote a YA novel aimed towards teen fans of urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Before my journey started I never thought to ask my target audience what their feelings were towards reading. Well, I decided to find out.

I asked six teens to participate in my little interview. Five were willing (two boys and three girls). The sixth I never heard from, but they might be on Facebook restriction, and we can’t argue with that now can we?    

Today’s interview is with the teen boys of the group. Both boys are in ninth grade, and are from different backgrounds. (See part two of this interview with the girls here).

A=Austin: he likes biking and sports.  
D=Doug: he likes skateboarding and playing music.

1. What is your favorite genre to read?

     A: Action.
     D: Suspense, Action, pretty much anything.
2. Do you prefer stories told in the first person or third?
     A: First person.
     D: First Person, but I also like when they switch point of view.   

3. Do you prefer a male or female point of view?
     A: Male definitely (girls’ views are just weird and dramatic).
     D: Female, I feel they have a more complex outlook on life. 

4. Good or Bad?
A. Stories that end with a cliffhanger:  A:  I don’t know.  D: Don’t care for.
B. Stories without "happily ever after" endings:  A: Sorta bad.  D: Love.
C. Love triangles: A: Bad.  D: Don’t mind.
D. Death of a favorite character: A: Mostly good.  D: Love.

5. Do any of the above situations in question #6 prevent you from purchasing a book?
     A: Yes, C. love triangles.
     D: Absolutely not.
6. Do you prefer reading stand alone books? Or do books planned as a series entice you more?
     A: Series.
     D: Short series, maybe trilogy.

7. Hardcover or Paperback?
     A: Hardcover (makes it look more interesting).
     D: Hardcover (I feel the quality is better).
8. Pretend you had an eReader, would you prefer an actual paper book or an eBook?
     A: Actual paper (That’s just me though).
     D: Actual paper.

9. With this being the Twilight generation there is a lot of emphasis on paranormal characters these days. Which (if any) would you like to be for a day?
     A: I don’t know.
     D: Definitely a Shape Shifter, I feel to be able to see the perspectives of another being would be an amazing experience.
10. On that note, which of the paranormal characters do you like to read about the most?
     A: Doesn’t matter.
     D: Honestly, I prefer ghosts, as long as it is first person, and there is a nice exposition. 

11. Does reading about sex, drugs, drinking, and language in Young Adult stories make you uncomfortable? Do you prefer books without these issues?
     A: Yes, and yes.
     D: Sex makes me feel a little awkward, but I'm fine with adult themes. None of the others bother me too much.

Thank you, Austin and Doug, for participating and being honest with your responses. As a thank you, I want to offer you the opportunity to name one character each in my next novel. I will be participating in the National Novel Writing Month in November. I have plans for a YA novel titled - Decoy.

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***Next blog - coming soon: Part Two – The Girls

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  1. Awesome interview! At the bookstore I ask teens a lot of questions about what they like in a book...I think the guys were consistent with what I've found boys to prefer. Do they get to pick the description of the character too?

  2. Thanks Devyn! I haven't given much thought to the descriptions of the characters yet. It would be interesting to see what they would come up with.


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