Construction & Renovations

We've been dealing with construction in our building for a year or so now.  It sucks. I regret that last August we signing the lease for one more year. We enjoyed the first year though. The apartments around us, and the penthouse above us has been renovated. We have new neighbors on either side of us, and the penthouse will one day be an Airbnb. Our hallway is done. But half of the apartments on our floor still need to be worked on. It's so noisy. The walls are solid concrete, but hollow and the sound echoes. The power saws, the sledge hammers, and everything else they use sounding over and over again just banging around in your head. I've learned to wear earplugs to sleep, but that doesn't always work, and I find them annoying. We're third shift people. They work during the day and it's brutal. I can't wait to move out of here just to get sleep. Once the workers wake us, then I'm aware of the jets that fly over our apartment starting at 8AM. I can usual

Galley Kitchen In Paradise

This is the whole kitchen We've been living here for one year and eight months. I haven't blogged about our beach living as I had wanted to after moving in, but 2020 came along. Writing was the last thing on my mind. I haven't written any books either, I attempted and got 7k words, and they were junk. I deleted them. So I've been taking all kinds of online classes for writing, marketing, and travel. I've accomplished a lot so I'm not sorry. Before we move again (hopefully this summer), I figured I'd get in a few blogs about the place. The kitchen in our small "paradise" is galley style, and it has no drawers. I've never seen or had a kitchen without drawers. And we've had a lot of kitchens in 20 years with the military. We've lived in 10 different abodes, and only once did we have a large kitchen. Not sure what attracts us to the places with small kitchens, but it seems to be a thing with us.  Here at our beach apartment there is very l

Paradise It Is Not

I can't even begin to tell you what it's like to live in an old building under these circumstances (new ownership, and renovations).  I have stories for days! But this is the most recent upset, this week: We put in a maintenance request for our bathroom blinds on Sept 26th, they came weeks later, looked and said, "We can't fix this, we have to order a new one." On December 30th they showed up with blinds, they are old and dirty (photo below of our "new" blinds). I was sleeping when they installed them and didn't see them until later. Honestly, I would have rather kept our old broken blinds, they were at least cleaner. Also, I wouldn't have minded used blinds had they been clean. But to have waited 90+ days for this?? I think they took them from the bathroom across the hall that they're renovating. My allergies are hating this place more and more each day! I'm just getting over sinusitis, and have started back up on allergy shots every Wed

Tick Tock Day

While cleaning out our storage unit, we've come across some "Oldies But Goodies"; things we won't get rid of.  Not sure of how he acquired this Western German wind-up alarm clock, but my husband has had it for many years. He says he thinks he remembers seeing it in his grandparents place when he would visit them (in Germany).  It's never worked and I figured it for a showpiece, but this time I wasn't having it. I took her apart, cleaned her up, used canned air, and then oiled the inner workings, and voila! - it's now a working windup clock! The only drawback, after she was oiled, it stained the clock face. It wasn't exactly white before, but it wasn't this dark either. So now instead of sitting in a box, it's displayed in our curio cabinet.  BTW, today is National Tick Tock Day , hence the clock post :)  Even though Tick Tock day has nothing to do with old clocks, I thought it was neat.

Does It Bring You Joy?

One year or so, before we sold our house of 17 years, we decided to renovate, and purge one room at a time. It would start with a dresser or a closet, and go from there. The purge took longer than the reno. We were still going through stuff as the last stroke of paint was drying.  You don't realize how much you accumulate until you have to go through each item one by one. I made piles; donate, sell, and keep. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Things that had any kind of negative vibe: gone. Things (mostly crafts) that I saved for "one day": gone. Things that I thought the kids "might" like one day when they were older: gone. Things that I was done with: gone. Basically my methods were complete opposite of Marie Kondo's . Instead of holding an item up asking if it brought me joy, if it angered me - it was gone! That doesn't mean there was something negative about the item. For example; I had a box of trinkets that I loved when I purchased t

Part Eleven ~ Rectal Surgeon Follow Up and The End of the story.

This will be my last update on my medical issues, and you'll note the date. You see it's been over a year, I had to stop writing about it because it was mentally draining and upset me. I had to take a break, and never wanted to get back to it, and kept procrastinating. But then 2020 happened, and here I am.  To continue on... I went back to the rectal surgeon, however it wasn't the same one. That happens when you see military docs sometimes. The first guy, the good looking one, was sent out to sea for a short deployment.  So I had to tell the story all over again, for the fifty-ith thousandth time. There was an orthopedic intern with him. They laughed when I asked what the connection was and explained there wasn't one, it's just where the poor guy was dropped off. This guy was, like those before him, determined to figure me out. They did a thorough exam, which I started my menstrual cycle in the middle of, yeah, lovely. And he had me dropping my pants a few times, b

Part Ten ~ Mammo Followup/Rectal Surgeon/Improvements

The follow up for my mammogram had lots of films of lots of different angles, and she left to show the doc, came back and said he needed more. My poor boobs, but when she came back in the room and said they needed even more pix to “verify what they saw” my knees went weak. I expressed my anxiety and she was super sweet and did more pix with different plates (I lost count how my shots she took, we used every plate in the room, and took multiple angles). She disappeared again and left me to stress. She came back smiling and said I was good to go and they would see me back next year. She also apologized and she explained she  should've said they needed more films to verify that they couldn’t see what the original report said. I left with a weight off my shoulders. Good for another year at least. Things remained the same with stomach knotting and gas but my stools one day were a normal consistency and I could control them! I was so happy! You just don't know. But m