Galley Kitchen In Paradise

This is the whole kitchen

We've been living here for one year and eight months. I haven't blogged about our beach living as I had wanted to after moving in, but 2020 came along. Writing was the last thing on my mind. I haven't written any books either, I attempted and got 7k words, and they were junk. I deleted them. So I've been taking all kinds of online classes for writing, marketing, and travel. I've accomplished a lot so I'm not sorry.

Before we move again (hopefully this summer), I figured I'd get in a few blogs about the place. The kitchen in our small "paradise" is galley style, and it has no drawers. I've never seen or had a kitchen without drawers. And we've had a lot of kitchens in 20 years with the military. We've lived in 10 different abodes, and only once did we have a large kitchen. Not sure what attracts us to the places with small kitchens, but it seems to be a thing with us. 

Here at our beach apartment there is very little counter space, no pantry, no microwave, and a few small cabinets, but we do have a dishwasher! That's always a plus. 

To make up for the lack of space, we have a bakers rack and a buffet table (with drawers) in the next room, and we have makeshift pantries in the kitchen; one is a cubicle style cubby (that used to hold Mike's toys and books), and the other is a metal shelf unit. 

The next kitchen can be small, but I prefer room where you can be in there comfortably with another person, or two. 

The ancient fuse box is located in the kitchen, and it uses the old style screw in glass fuses. They haven't needed to be changed since we've lived here, but I can tell that a few of them are newish.

Oddly, the kitchen window brings me joy. It's small and it's so high up that I have to stand on my tippy toes to look out, but the fact it's there makes me happy. And it has a ledge for me to put things on. 

So that's it, that's the tour of our tiny kitchen!


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