Paradise It Is Not

I can't even begin to tell you what it's like to live in an old building under these circumstances (new ownership, and renovations). 

I have stories for days! But this is the most recent upset, this week:

  • We put in a maintenance request for our bathroom blinds on Sept 26th, they came weeks later, looked and said, "We can't fix this, we have to order a new one." On December 30th they showed up with blinds, they are old and dirty (photo below of our "new" blinds). I was sleeping when they installed them and didn't see them until later. Honestly, I would have rather kept our old broken blinds, they were at least cleaner. Also, I wouldn't have minded used blinds had they been clean. But to have waited 90+ days for this?? I think they took them from the bathroom across the hall that they're renovating. My allergies are hating this place more and more each day! I'm just getting over sinusitis, and have started back up on allergy shots every Wednesday, I really don't need to be cleaning this up. I have been having allergy and upper respiratory issues since they started pulling this place apart. One of my major allergies is dust and dust mites, and there's the "water" bugs...which I'm allergic to the droppings.

And then...

  • I went into my hall closet couple days ago (the one with the a/c & heat unit) to find a hole smashed through the wall, it's about six feet up, and items that were on the shelf in there were knocked down, nothing broken, it was mostly toilet paper and such. Presumably it happened from the construction they're doing across the hall. I was surprised and pissed, that no one contacted us to let us know this happened, or what's to be done about it; a note, text, email, knock on the door - not like there weren't contact options. So now we will probably have to pull everything out of the closet so they can repair. This closet is full of misc "stuff", it's what we call "the shed". It's a 5' X 4.5' space. You can see from the photo below, it's not a tiny hole. Again, this will be wonderous for my allergies. 

I don't regret moving here, not at all. What I do regret, is signing on for another year. But to be fair, the first year wasn't nearly as bad as this year. 

Counting down the days.


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