Part Eleven ~ Rectal Surgeon Follow Up and The End of the story.

This will be my last update on my medical issues, and you'll note the date. You see it's been over a year, I had to stop writing about it because it was mentally draining and upset me. I had to take a break, and never wanted to get back to it, and kept procrastinating. But then 2020 happened, and here I am. 

To continue on... I went back to the rectal surgeon, however it wasn't the same one. That happens when you see military docs sometimes. The first guy, the good looking one, was sent out to sea for a short deployment. 

So I had to tell the story all over again, for the fifty-ith thousandth time. There was an orthopedic intern with him. They laughed when I asked what the connection was and explained there wasn't one, it's just where the poor guy was dropped off.

This guy was, like those before him, determined to figure me out. They did a thorough exam, which I started my menstrual cycle in the middle of, yeah, lovely. And he had me dropping my pants a few times, because he was like, "Oh, wait, let me check something else." It was a crazy visit, and while it was embarrassing, these guys put me at ease, and after all I'd been through at this point, it was becoming the norm.

They sent me for an ultrasound to look for hernias, none were found, but I knew that'd be the case. Since the visit came up empty I didn't bother with a follow up. It was mentally exhausting. I just did what I could to get by each day while getting better and better. 

What I didn't know is, the fast weight loss from c-Diff sent my thyroid into a spiral and went into survival mode. Very long story. But it took me six months and lots of weight gain to realize something wasn't right. Then it took another six months to get it figured out, and on the right thyroid script. In all that time I went from 158 lbs to 223 lbs. I'm not happy about that and no matter what I tried nothing worked. To this date, I've been practicing IF and lost 4 lbs, which might not seem like much, but for a person who continually gained for over a year, it's freaking awesome! So I'm 219 lbs and holding steady! 

To recap the whole medical fiasco, I was diagnosed with an infection I didn't have. Treated for it. The treatment caused C-diff, but I wouldn't be diagnosed for one whole month. My insides were a mess. Kept getting bad referrals, or no referrals as insurance company was switching over. Finally diagnosed, but the medicine for the C-diff combined with my weight loss and everything else my poor body went through, it unknowingly caused my thyroid levels to change from hypo to hyper, and I kept taking my meds for hypo, I was on the verge of a thyroid storm. All of the above caused me to be anorexic, and an insomniac, which in turn made my anxiety skyrocket. Talk about a bad mix. It took just over two years for my body to be at about 95%. I still have tailbone pain and react poorly to certain foods. The tailbone pain, I'm not sure how it fits in to all this but it started in the beginning and I still have issues with it on occasion. 

Fast forward three years.

I went to the doctor on Christmas Day, because I've been sick on and off for the past couple months, and the glands in my neck were so sore I could hardly move. The doc heard my symptoms, and said, "You probably had Covid, and this is more than likely a post Covid infection." While none of them were typical Covid symptoms, I wouldn't put it past me to get the unusual symptoms. Because that's just how I'm wired. Anyway, for the first time since I had C-diff in December 2017, I'm on antibiotics. I'm freaking out. I do not want to get it again, but at least this time, I think since I have a history, if I said I had it again they'd listen. Or I would hope so.

I'm taking it one stressful day at a time, one pill at a time, one probiotic at a time, and praying it all works out.

I don't wish any of what I went through on anyone. It was miserable. 

But now that I finished my medical story and what happened to me during the time I disappeared from social media, I can get back on track to what I wanted to blog about... 

Fun stuff! 

Love and hugs to you all! 

Happy New Year, 2021 - hopefully a year of healing and moving on. 


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