Tick Tock Day

While cleaning out our storage unit, we've come across some "Oldies But Goodies"; things we won't get rid of. 

Not sure of how he acquired this Western German wind-up alarm clock, but my husband has had it for many years. He says he thinks he remembers seeing it in his grandparents place when he would visit them (in Germany). 

It's never worked and I figured it for a showpiece, but this time I wasn't having it. I took her apart, cleaned her up, used canned air, and then oiled the inner workings, and voila! - it's now a working windup clock! The only drawback, after she was oiled, it stained the clock face. It wasn't exactly white before, but it wasn't this dark either.

So now instead of sitting in a box, it's displayed in our curio cabinet. 

BTW, today is National Tick Tock Day, hence the clock post :) 

Even though Tick Tock day has nothing to do with old clocks, I thought it was neat.


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