Meet Andrew Orozco - Dancer/Model/Actor

For those of you who are not familiar with Andrew, he played “Parody Sam” in The Hillywood Show‘s “Eclipse Parody“. He’s also modeled for the 2011 21st Century Skins Native Men’s Calendar. And most recently, Andrew has signed on as a vampire in the movie adaptation for the new age young adult novel: Of Light and Darkness, by Shayne Leighton, and Decadent Publishing.

Of Light and Darkness is available for purchase in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon and other online merchants.
WHO IS ANDREW OROZCO?  Andrew is a Model, an Actor, and a Dancer. Not necessarily in that order though.
I met Andrew at an autograph signing event in North Carolina for the book OLaD - Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton (If you like YA vampire reads this is for you – go buy it, and read it before the movie comes out). My son and daughter wanted a photo with the men from OLaD (Michael Welch, Johnny Pacar & Andrew). We had to squish in a small corner behind a table and in front of their folding chairs to do this. I tripped over a chair and Andrew's arm immediately went around me to steady me. Whew! Thanks, nice to meet you. Haha.
Andrew as Sage's red carpet date
Andrew is a sweetheart and all around nice guy. Talking with him felt like catching up with an old friend. He is funny, warm and inviting. Ladies he is 25 and single, but don’t hold out. Boo Boo Stewarts youngest sister, Sage totally has dibs on him! (If you don't know who Boo Boo is - he played Seth in Twilight's Breaking Dawn). Go to the 2:20 mark of this video here to see Sage smile at the mention of Andrew.
In talking with him, I found out Andrew has many layers. There's much more to him than meets the eye. We discussed a lot of things, but here are the highlights:
Andrew, what is your heritage? I'm half Pima of Salt River, AZ and half Mexican.  
How did you land a spot in the Hillywood show parody of Eclipse? I was waiting line at a Twilight premiere and Alex Meraz’s fan site person approached me and started to talk to me. (Next thing he knew he was working on a 2 day production for the Hillywood parody of Eclipse. Here is the link for that here). 
I heard you appeared in the 21st Century Skins Native Men's Calendar? How exciting! Yes, I'm in there as well as Kiowa Gordon (Twilight’s Embry Call).  
How did the role in the dark fantasy feature film, OLaD (Of Light and Darkness) come about?  I was approached by Candace Cheree the Producer of the film.

Have you had the chance to read the OLaD book yet? Reading it now, as well as the manuscript.

Were you a fan of Twilight in the beginning? Not at first, my ex-girlfriend dragged me to go see it. (He wished it would have had a bigger budget to make a better movie). However, after seeing the past couple of Twilight films he's become a fan! Welcome to the dark side, Andrew! :) His response to Breaking Dawn Part 1 - "It was awesome! The end were Bella died and it was all crazy, that was my favorite."
Speaking of Twilight, Michael Welch is staring in OLaD with you, and last month you got to work with him on set for the video/movie trailer. What was he like? He is awesome and down to earth. Serious actor. Funny guy. Good people. It was great to watch him on set; he is more of an Improv actor. I learned a lot watching him.
Where can fans find you on the Internet? On my facebook page.
Your latest profile pic on facebook is absolutely stunning. (The one up top). Can you tell me about that photo shoot? The photographer was probably one of the best I’ve worked with. It was a short photo shoot. He took all of five minutes and the photos came out great. His name is Kyle Carrillo.
You obviously keep in shape, what is your workout regimen like, and do you adhere to a strict diet of any kind? Being borderline diabetic I have to stay away from sweets. I try to work out every day. Sometimes at the gym, and other times with a Pilate's ball.   
Can you tell me five things that fans might not know about you, Andrew Orozco? 
  • I was jumped and beat up pretty badly when I was younger. My father said no more, and as a result I was in martial arts for six and half years, and I’ve been in cage fights a few times.
  • I sing, play guitar and piano. (When I asked if he was any good, he said “Yeah, I think so.” Here at 5:20 on the video you will get to see him play piano, and then you can decide).
  • I like to do magic.
  • I like motorcycles, and own one.
  • I was part of a local dance group. (Andrew is an awesome break dancer. I've seen photos and video floating around the Internet).  
His mother is very proud and supportive. Sadly his father passed away last year. His father was his biggest fan and cheerleader. This is what he said about remembering his father: “When I do things now, I put more into it, and I work a little harder to honor his memory and support”.

ANDREW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND WILLINGNESS TO DO THIS INTERVIEW! I wish you nothing but the best, and good luck in your future endeavours.

Andrew has graciously offered to donate something for a contest. One lucky winner will receive an autographed 2011 21st Century Skins Native Men’s Calendar signed by Andrew and Kiowa, and a signed photo of Andrew himself. Enter below!


  1. You're becoming my favorite blogger these days! Great interview :)

  2. Great interview!! Andrew is such a sweetheart and great guy! I can see him going far because of his passion and dedication!


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