The Keeper - Thanks to my bloggers!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to those bloggers who participated in my very first blog tour for my debut YA eBook The Keeper. It was a wonderful tour and these guys are top notch. You should follow their blogs if you aren't already! (and besides the giveaways are still going - you should enter).

Thanks again to everyone!
<3 Natalie Star

Day 1 - Meet my Phillipine bloggers:

We Fancy Books
Jenny (entry #220) is the winner! Congrats :)

*Merlino Atanacio Jr. a.k.a "Jayjay" which is my Nickname. Age: I'm 23yrs of age. *grins* Favorite Book Genre: Young Adult,
*Maricar O. Mari, Nickname: marz, Age: 19 years old, book Genres: Young-adult, crime fiction, thriller, fantasy, romance
*Era M. Penera, Nickname: Err, Rra, Age: 17 years old, Book Genres: Anything...
*Angelica Ann Espina Guerra, Nickname: Geianne, Age: 17 years old, Book Genres: Anything.

Day 2 - Ambur from Canada. 


Clik to find giveaway ending Jan 20th.

This is her bio: I'm addicted to books...and Glee. I like the colour orange, and music. I'm also a big animal fan. I have 3 dogs, a dachshund, a cockapoo, and a chihuahua. Keep smiling people, it makes the world brighter. :) even in emoticon form ;)

Day 3 - My American blogger Kathy.

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
Click to find giveaway ending Jan 31st.

 bio: I'm a Stay at Home mom of 5 kids who loves to read. I have an elementary education degree from BYU. Children's Literature was my favorite class. I read from a variety of genres but favor fairy tales, fantasy and clean romance. I try to read books that are clean & uplifting. Books should come with content ratings since I hate having to put a book down due to graphic content or strong language. This blog is to share the books I read and enjoy.  When someone asks me what have you read lately that was good it will be easy for them to find out!

Day 4 -   Kerry from Northern Ireland.

Melissa (There For You) won the giveaway, Congrats!

Her bio: I'm currently studying Business Administration at
tech. Passed my first year so onto the next  *Cheers* YAY I'm also an aspiring author.
I absolutely love reading, I buy books way too much, which I'm trying to cut down on (at least till I've read the ones I have anyway.)

Day 5 - Megan from the UK.

.Once Upon a Twilight
Click for giveaway ending Jan 23rd.

A special thanks to my blog tour organizer, who did a wonderfully fabulous job! Thank you! Here is her bio: I am a UK blogger who is addicted to books. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book. I mostly read YA and sometimes adult romance. I also love watching movies however not scary ones lol. Look out for book reviews, author interviews, guest posts & Giveaways! I also love to organise blog tours!! So if you need help with organising one let me know! 


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