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I would like to welcome my guest Ed Griffin to my blog today. Ed and I are participating in the Tasha Turner Coaching -  Virtual Blog Tour.  We've been instructed to use a photo prompt to write a story. Here is Ed's creative take on it...

Holy crap. A mandala on the coffee table by the TV. My wife is at it again, the self-help nonsense and all the flowery gobbledygook those whackos come up with. Self-compassion, Grace, Gratitude. Give me a break.
I’ll make up a mandala for me. Sex, Power, Money, War Movies, Beer, Baseball, Die Hard, 1, 2, & 3.
So that’s where she’s been the last three nights, spinning the old protractor around and coloring it all in. Very careful work. I hoped she’d come to bed so we could, you know, but I fell asleep.
She knows where I’d find it. By the TV. She’s off to some meeting tonight, Doctor So and So tells how to beat cancer, get to the planet Mars, and make money by drawing mandalas or some such nonsense.
I work hard, construction. Doesn’t she know me? I guess the other part of that question is, do I know her?
Ah, there’s the doorbell. Wally. Right on time for the game. Neither of us have any kids and our wives are both into the self-help stuff big time.
“Come on in, Wally. Almost game time. A brewski?”
“How’s it goin, Bernie? Sure, a beer.”
I went to the kitchen and Wally went to the living room. When I came in with two cold ones, he was studying the mandala. “Your wife?” he asked holding up the picture. Normally he’d be making a joke about it, but he didn’t this time.
“Yeah,” I said and put the brews down and flicked on the TV.
“My wife had an interesting thing to say about this self-help stuff,” he said. “She doesn’t draw mandalas but she uses words like this.” He held up the mandala and read, “Intuition, Peace, Normalcy.” He put it on the coffee table and stared at the TV. The pre-game stuff was still on. I knew he had more to say on the subject. “She writes stuff like this, too. She trying to communicate with me, she says. “It’s a language.”
            “A language? Come on. Why not use good old English?”
“I don’t know. It was her shrink who came up with that idea. ‘You’re trying to communicate with your husband,’ the shrink said.
The game started, but Wally’s words were in my head. A language. What was my wife trying to tell me?

~Ed Griffin

Find Ed online at
Personal Blog http://edgriffin.net/
Writer’s Write Daily Blog http://writerswritedaily.wordpress.com/

What do you think of Ed's story? How do you feel about writing prompts? Please leave a comment, Ed and I love to chat with our readers!


  1. Oh my gosh, Ed! We wrote about the same picture! If your wife is anything like the character I wrote about, she's about to tell you she is going to leave you! I loved your take on this. So nice to have a man's opinion on the very same thing!
    Peggy Browning

  2. Hmmm...what is she trying to tell you??? I liked it!

  3. Love it! I had alread reay Peggy's piece...such different perspectives...I suppose I guess men are from Mars...LOL! Great piece!


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