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Hello! I'm so happy to have Wendy & Charles Siefken here today as part of their blog tour. I've got some info on a book that the mother/son duo co-wrote. First here is the cover and the blurb for their book, and then some interview questions. We love feedback, so if you'd be kind enough to leave a comment, we'll respond!

Kai has been fighting for survival and trying to find a way rid the world of the disease his father created... 

Kai's father accidentally created a race of zombies and like a virus; it soon spreads throughout the entire world!

Kai comes across a young woman named Clover, who is part of a clan traveling across the United States to try to find what is left of humanity. 

Clover is a part of a clan who has a secret of their own. Hiding among what is left of the human race, will Kai be able to handle the truth?

Kai and Clover are watching a meteor shower when their lives are changed forever! 

Kai and Clover begin a heroic journey, fueled by the increasingly dim hope that somehow, the human race will have a chance to start over.

What is the ideal recipe for a good novel.

 A good line that will hook the reader.

Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

 I think it would have to be Boris for both of us. He is such a robust character that is instantly likeable.

Give a one sentence synopsis of your novel:

 A young man who’s past and present is constantly at odds with each other in a world of complete chaos.

What was the turning point in your life when you decided to start writing?

When Mr. Kozak gave us the challenge to write and publish a book.

What is or are the genres of your book or books?

Young Adult Fantasy

What made you decide to write in your particular genre?

It just felt right. It felt like something we could relate to very well.

Do you have any books in the works?

Yes we have two. Charlie’s book “The Chimera Effect” and my book “Lost”

When you read, what is your favorite genre?


Please share your author bio, links where readers can connect with you and your books.

Bio Charles Siefken (1992-present) is a recent graduate of high school. This is his first book of many to be published. He currently resides in rural central Iowa where he enjoys reading sci/fi books and playing video games among other things. He currently works at a local auto mechanics shop and will be attending college this fall to get a degree as well. Christopher Paolini was his inspiration to become a writer.

Wendy Siefken (1966-Present)Currently working full time from home on writing stories and now a virtual assistant to those in need of an extra pair of hands online. Wendy lives on a farm with her family and enjoys reading, gardening and other activities with her family and friends. This is our first publication with many more to follow. This all started as a school project for her youngest son and business partner, Charles Siefken, which has grown into a desire to be published.
The book is a journey into the fantasy realm of what if's. Zombies took over the world? What if werewolves were real? What if dragons were really not from earth but from another planet? I hope you enjoy this YA book. This book is ideal for a young reader who you may not want reading a book with a lot of blood and gore. This book doesn't have that. It has a story without all the graphics of a battle.

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  1. Great interview for an awesome book. I really loved the story!!! Wonderful!! Congrats!!

  2. thanks Brenda! and thank you Natalie for a great interview! it was a lot of fun!


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