Part Four ~ Ringworm/New Years Eve/Finally A Diagnosis!

One and a half weeks later, still miserable and having the same issues, and only getting worse. I tried to hold out for my referrals. So many mistakes with the referrals. I lost track back then. Had to be at least a dozen screw ups. They kept assigning me docs outside of the network for Gyn and Gastro, or they'd assign ones that were too far away from me and not allowed to treat me. Once they even assigned a doctor that wasn't even in one of the fields I needed.

I couldn't take it anymore, went to PF on 12/30 and told them all of what was going on. They gave me a diagnoses of IBS with diarrhea and told me to hang tight until my Gastro referral goes through.

Meanwhile, I picked up ringworm somewhere along the way. No surprise really with all the medical facilities I'd been to. I had it on my neck. So I was using cream for that.

New Years Eve we had been doing at the bowling alley for a couple years in a row. The family expected me to be there to ring in 2018, I went. I had to leave shortly after we got there. I was in and out of the bathroom at the bowling alley and was in pain and miserable. I went home and lay on the couch in tears. I did, however manage to get up and be back at the bowling alley in time for midnight to be with my family.

Hubs was home for a few days, couldn't stand that I was in so much pain and he marched me into the ER the next day, New Years Day. I was so discouraged that I didn't see the point of the visit they were just going to send me home to wait on my referral.

Not sure what this doc saw or heard in me during my visit that no one else did, but he said, "Okay we'll run tests for C-diff, but I don't think you have it. I'll set you up with a prescription just in case you need it, which I don't think you will, but it will be at the pharmacy for pickup. The test takes 24-48 hours for results."

We went to the pharmacy, picked up the script for Flagyl, and headed home. An hour after we left the ER I was sitting down to eat a sandwich when the phone rang. It was the ER nurse, she spoke with urgency, and notified me I did in fact have the C-diff infection, it showed up on the test immediately, and to take my meds immediately. I broke down in tears, someone finally listened and now I'd gotten the help I needed and all would be well. I had to apologize and explain they were happy tears. I'd been dealing with it for weeks and no one would even test me for it. And from what I understand it's not an expensive test to run.

Hubs had to leave to go back to Ohio. I didn't want to be alone, I couldn't be alone. So I called my mother, who had only recently moved from NY to VA. Thankfully she was close by. She packed a bag and came to stay with me for as long as I needed. And boy did I need her, because that was only the beginning! be continued.


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