Part Two ~ More Meds/Waiting On Referrals

Back up a few days, I forgot that on December 10th, I went in to my primary care doctor for a pap smear, it was long overdue, I just wanted to get it over with, I was still having ovary pain, and was still having a difficult time getting a new referral. They did the exam and advised me to keep up with the insurance to get in to see a gynecologist. Pap smear came back fine.

Okay, back on track... I was still having digestive problems despite being on the meds the doc gave me the first ER visit. Along with all that fun stuff I was having intermittent diarrhea. Fun times. It had been going on for a couple days but at this point I was starting to notice a change in the color and odor. I know, gross. But hey, shit happens, literally sometimes.

The new script I received on the last visit from the ER was for ten days, but by day four I got up to walk down the hallway to the bathroom, which was a few steps from my bedroom, and my right leg felt heavy. I was having a hard time lifting it to take a step. I basically had to drag it. Panic ensued. On December 17th, I went back to the ER again. My daughter brought me because it was my driving leg, and neither of us got sleep that night.

Upon check-in they gave me the standard cup to pee in. I bet at this point you can see where this is going. I sat in the waiting room forever as usual. Finally made it back to the cubicle, my doc was easy on the eyes, so at least there was that. Good thing too, I'd be there for hours. They set me up on an IV.

After my vitals, urine, and blood work, it came back that the UTI was far worse than it had been. Still NO symptoms. I was diagnosed with UTI, hypo edema, and peripheral neuropathy due to the antibiotics I was on. He told me to stop my meds immediately. I was then prescribed an antibiotic called Fosfomycin, which the doc said hasn't really been used in years, but he didn't know why as it was very effective. I was a bit apprehensive, but hey he's the doc. I wish I would have know then what I know now. 

I had to wait for my daughter to go upstairs to the pharmacy to bring me my new medicine, which I found out was a one-time thing. Meanwhile, the doc came and sat on the bed with me and we chatted. He was taking a break, and I think he could see I was about to come undone. We chatted about mundane things to pass the time until the meds arrived, and he helped to keep my nerves in check. This was all becoming too much to handle.

The doc took a little paper cup, poured a packet of power in it, mixed it up with a tongue depressor, and I swallowed it down. Then we waited. For what I didn't know, but later found out he wanted to make sure I didn't have a reaction to it. I'm glad I didn't know that beforehand. It would've been something else to worry about.

For the first time on that day, as I sat in the hospital bed, my tailbone hurt. I figured it was the way I was sitting, but I couldn't move as I was on the IV and hooked up to a blood pressure cuff.

As I was being released they recommended I go see Internal Medicine and Urology. They put in a consult for me.

Few days went by and my stomach issues were way worse, way too frequent for my liking and the smell was getting worse. I knew in my gut something wasn't right.

Side note: each doctor advised me to take probiotics and/or eat yogurt. I usually eat yogurt anyway as I'm prone to yeast infections while on antibiotics. I just ate the yogurt. I tried probiotics once and they tore me up. My digestive system is stupid, and things that don't bother "normal" people, bug me.

I went in two days later to my primary care doc and did a follow up urine test - as advised - to make sure the meds worked. And hallelujah they did. The urine test came back fine!

I figured that meant all was heading in the right direction... I figured wrong.

... to be continued.


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