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Construction & Renovations

We've been dealing with construction in our building for a year or so now.  It sucks. I regret that last August we signing the lease for one more year. We enjoyed the first year though. The apartments around us, and the penthouse above us has been renovated. We have new neighbors on either side of us, and the penthouse will one day be an Airbnb. Our hallway is done. But half of the apartments on our floor still need to be worked on. It's so noisy. The walls are solid concrete, but hollow and the sound echoes. The power saws, the sledge hammers, and everything else they use sounding over and over again just banging around in your head. I've learned to wear earplugs to sleep, but that doesn't always work, and I find them annoying. We're third shift people. They work during the day and it's brutal. I can't wait to move out of here just to get sleep. Once the workers wake us, then I'm aware of the jets that fly over our apartment starting at 8AM. I can usual

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