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Part Five ~ Side Effects/Pills/Food

New Years - a time for staring over - I thought with my new meds I'd be starting on a better healthier path for 2018.

That wouldn't be the case.

Day two into my prescription, I started to have new pains in addition to the intestinal pains and issues I was having. On the positive side, I did notice the diarrhea slowing down. It was nice to not have to run to the bathroom as frequent. So this meant my medicine was working against the infection! By day three I felt better in that respect and only went to the bathroom a few times per day. So why the heck was my stomach in so much pain?

I called around and spoke to several health nurses and doctors over the course of the next couple days concerned with my new pains. The pains were awful, they started in my upper stomach and spasmed down through my large intestines. More than half of my digestive system. The only way I can describe it is to compare it to constant labor pains, but in my food belly. They were stronger than any contrac…

Part Four ~ Ringworm/New Years Eve/Finally A Diagnosis!

One and a half weeks later, still miserable and having the same issues, and only getting worse. I tried to hold out for my referrals. So many mistakes with the referrals. I lost track back then. Had to be at least a dozen screw ups. They kept assigning me docs outside of the network for Gyn and Gastro, or they'd assign ones that were too far away from me and not allowed to treat me. Once they even assigned a doctor that wasn't even in one of the fields I needed.

I couldn't take it anymore, went to PF on 12/30 and told them all of what was going on. They gave me a diagnoses of IBS with diarrhea and told me to hang tight until my Gastro referral goes through.

Meanwhile, I picked up ringworm somewhere along the way. No surprise really with all the medical facilities I'd been to. I had it on my neck. So I was using cream for that.

New Years Eve we had been doing at the bowling alley for a couple years in a row. The family expected me to be there to ring in 2018, I went. I …

Part Three ~ Referrals/More Doctor Visits

As the days went on, my digestive system was a complete mess. If I didn't know it before - I knew it then. Those antibiotics did a number on me. As they usually do, but this time, something was off, something was horribly different.

I received a phone call from Internal Medicine as a result of the ER consult. They talked to me on the phone and came to the conclusion they didn't need to see me, but I needed to get in with a gynecologist, and the urologist.

All of my ER visits were on the Navy base. We're under the retiree insurance so if we can't be seen on base for whatever reason we have to get a referral from our primary care doc. We've always used Patient First as a primary care doc because their schedule, the lab, x-ray, and pharmacy options all in one space was too appealing. Until they weren't.

I went to PF to get my referral for the urologist since the gynecologist thing was supposedly in the works. I'd been calling the insurance company dealing with…

Part Two ~ More Meds/Waiting On Referrals

Back up a few days, I forgot that on December 10th, I went in to my primary care doctor for a pap smear, it was long overdue, I just wanted to get it over with, I was still having ovary pain, and was still having a difficult time getting a new referral. They did the exam and advised me to keep up with the insurance to get in to see a gynecologist. Pap smear came back fine.

Okay, back on track... I was still having digestive problems despite being on the meds the doc gave me the first ER visit. Along with all that fun stuff I was having intermittent diarrhea. Fun times. It had been going on for a couple days but at this point I was starting to notice a change in the color and odor. I know, gross. But hey, shit happens, literally sometimes.

The new script I received on the last visit from the ER was for ten days, but by day four I got up to walk down the hallway to the bathroom, which was a few steps from my bedroom, and my right leg felt heavy. I was having a hard time lifting it to ta…

Part One... It All Started When...

Our move from single-family home to beach apartment, actually started years ago... we just didn't know it then.

Late 2017 we were in a world of uncertainty, Rich's job in Virginia was closing shop and moving their employees to different states. Our only choice that was doable - in our minds - was Ohio (and the fact that my brother and his wife lived there helped with that decision). So a within two months, Rich was packed and we hit the road for a new adventure. I helped him move into a third story apartment, the top floor, and I stayed for a week and a half. I wasn't feeling it there, I can't explain why though. We moved a lot with the military, even overseas, and I never felt so out of place as I did in Vandalia, Ohio.

Heading back home, I didn't know it at the time, but that was the last time I'd "live" in Ohio. I went back home to be with our son until he finished High School, then after his graduation I planned to go back to Ohio. With or without…