Part One... It All Started When...

Our move from single-family home to beach apartment, actually started years ago... we just didn't know it then.

Late 2017 we were in a world of uncertainty, Rich's job in Virginia was closing shop and moving their employees to different states. Our only choice that was doable - in our minds - was Ohio (and the fact that my brother and his wife lived there helped with that decision). So a within two months, Rich was packed and we hit the road for a new adventure. I helped him move into a third story apartment, the top floor, and I stayed for a week and a half. I wasn't feeling it there, I can't explain why though. We moved a lot with the military, even overseas, and I never felt so out of place as I did in Vandalia, Ohio.

Heading back home, I didn't know it at the time, but that was the last time I'd "live" in Ohio. I went back home to be with our son until he finished High School, then after his graduation I planned to go back to Ohio. With or without our young adult children.

A couple months later I went in for a routine doctors appointment that would change things.

While I was at the appointment on December 3rd, she said, "Let's do a urine test." I was there for my annual blood work to check my thyroid, but I just shrugged my shoulders and pee'd in the cup.

It came back positive for an infection. But I had no symptoms - none. The doc said, "You show signs of an infection, so let's treat you with antibiotics." I said,  "Okay", she's the doc, right? She should know what's best ~ I wish I knew then what I know now. I went home with a script for Bactrim.

Five days into treatment on December 8th, I started having chest pains. Went to the ER, turns out it was digestive issues (probably from the antibiotics), but just to be sure I had to make an appointment with my cardiologist. Due to our insurance switching carriers it was hell trying to get referrals, I knew this because I'd been trying to get in with a new gynecologist for my annual exam and ovary pain - my usual doc skipped town and I was without one. (After the ER visit, I went home with Pepcid and Carafate and orders to finish my antibiotic).

Luckily - I was already in the system with cardio (since birth I've had a hole in my heart - they found it while doing a test for my migraines years ago and they like to monitor it here and there). So it was easy to get in to see the heart doc, and thankfully all checked out well.

Shortly after the ER visit, on December 13th, I had a strange swelling on the right side of my groin. I went back in the ER and they did all kinds of tests, and in the end they told me I had a vaginal infection and my UTI was worse, my original prescription wasn't working. Still I had no symptoms of a UTI. So I left with new scripts; Cipro, Flagyl, and Motrin. I wish I knew then what I know now.

To Be Continued...


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