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Everyone, meet Megan McDade. This is quite the unique interview. Instead of doing the questioning, my guest will be on the other side of things. Megan is a YA blogger from the UK. She is a self proclaimed book addict, and has got to be one of the nicest people out there.

Megan is the owner of the blog site: Reading away the days! This woman does so much for so little. Well, in all actuality she does it all for FREE! Read on to see what I'm talkin' about!

Megan, thank you for being my guest! Can you tell me when you first realized you were in love with books and reading?
Thanks so much for the interview Natalie. I am excited. I have loved reading and books for as long as I can remember. When I was very young I was never one for playing with dolls and Barbies. I remember having this big blue basket full of colouring books, writing pads and books that I would bring everywhere with me. I just loved books! And it continued as I grow up. My mum has always been a big reader, always has her face stuck in a book I think that's where I get it from.

What is your favourite genre to read?
Young Adult is my favourite. I sometimes delve into adult romance fiction books based around the second world war and such (I got that from my mum, she loves those books) But YA is my passion. Anything YA I will give it a try. Although there has to be some kind of romance element to it, I am a sucker for romance!

Do you have an all time favourite book?
Ahhh.... I always ask authors this question and think I can never answer that. The problem is, most of the books I read I love, I really honestly don't think there is a book I have read that I disliked even a little. But if I have to choice, it would either have to be The Harry Potter Series or The Twilight Series. I know typical answers, but its true.

Harry Potter is just mind blowing I love being in J.K.Rowlings world. And Twilight the same. (Breaking Dawn midnight showing for me next week he he)

How did you decide to start blogging and why?
I was only introduced to the blog world over a year ago. I saw how bloggers where helping authors out by simply putting a review up , interviewing them, even just mentioning their book, showing them support and I thought that was just awesome. I have always thought people who are creative and can put that down on paper for people to enjoy are awesome, I have a vivid imagination but I can never put it down and make it into an awesome book and I wanted to thank authors for that. So after following awesome blogs for a while I started blogging March 2nd of this year (My best friends birthday) and it has gone from there. Eight months down the line I am still loving it :):)

You have a feature on your blog where you introduce YA debut authors and their books, can you tell us a little about that?
This is one of the best things I love about my blog. I started my blog to help authors get word out there about their books and this was a great way to do it. Every Friday I introduce a new or upcoming YA author and their book. The good thing about it is most of the people I interview for the feature are indie authors. Authors publishing on their own or with small publishing companies. Before I started blogging I don't think I had ever read a book by a indie author. And now some of the best books I have read this year are from Indie authors and they have become my friends. However, I don't want to discourage any authors from wanting to be apart of this feature, you don't have to be an Indie author. The only requirements is, your books is YA and you are a new author!

You recently started doing blog tours for YA debut authors as well, that's great! If someone reading this is interested in being a featured guest on your blog, or setting up a blog tour, how can they contact you?
If anyone wants to be part of my YA Feature. They can go to this link here:

It has all the info of available dates for the feature and a way to contact me.

Yes, I am excited to say I have started organising book tours for YA debut authors. I did a book tour in the summer for Katie John I really enjoyed doing it. Katie then recommended me to debut author Kiki Hamilton and I am now organising her blog tour in December. I thought why don't I start doing this regularly! A week later I have 6 blog tours down to organise for Jan-March. It is just exciting to me!! I have been asked, do I charge? And the answer is: no. I do it for FREE!! My payment is helping out authors and helping to promote and grow their book and being given a free copy of their book as well is a bonus! So if anyone wants a blog tour organised they can contact me here:

Where can people find you online?

My Blog:
My twitter:
FB Page:!/pages/Reading-Away-the-Days/246705252037557

Okay, last but not least, tell me five things (excluding reading and writing) that people wouldn't know about you!
Emmm....I love studying, I love learning new things, if I could go to college for the rest of my life and keep learning I would (strange I know), I am a natural redhead : ) I heart Glee. I am a massive Gleek!! I am a Youtube addict, I love watching it!! & I am addicted to Bagels LOL :):)

No, Megan, thank you!

To show Megan some love, go visit her sites and follow her! She's really awesome! :)


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  1. I love Megan - she is the real thing and not a diva blogger.

  2. I love Megan too! More than that though, I love it when bloggers agree to interviews. They are the unsung heroes in the wild world of the new publishing industry. Thank you, Megan, for all you do!

  3. "They are the unsung heroes in the wild world of the new publishing industry."

    -- so true!

  4. She so fantastic! Great interview, thanks for doing this, Natalie--and for being so wonderful, Megan. :)

  5. Thanks for the post, Natalie and thanks, Megan for everything you do for the YA community.

  6. Thank you everyone! You are all awesome! I really am glad to help everyone out! You guys spend your time writing wonderful worlds for us to fall in love with that everybody needs to know about and I am only too glad to help spread that world!

  7. Megan is such a geniune person and we consider her part of our family. I am so glad you interviewed her to let others know what she has accomplished in the short time she has been a bogger. If you want an honest review Megan McDade is the one to go to. :)

  8. lol Megan - I've always said I want to be a professional college student. Too funny. Great interview ladies! :)

  9. Those, like Megan, are truly an inspiration for the writer/author.

    I speak for myself but I'm more than sure you would all agree, aside from the personal satisfaction of creating, the reader is perhaps the most important reason to write.

    Great job Star and Megan!

  10. I loved this what a great idea! Book bloggers are wonderful :)

  11. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! <3 Natalie :)


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