Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucky Seven Meme

Lucky Seven Meme

I saw this on Anna Walls Blog today. Here are the rules:
  • Go to p. 77 of current WIP (or p. 7 if it's a short)
  • go to line 7
  • copy down next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs & post them as they’re written
  • Tag 7 other authors
  • Let them know 
I will tag my people on facebook and let them know :) 
Enjoy! :)

Current WIP
“You know I love my mother and all, but she creeps me out sometimes. She’s always looking at me like she knows something I don’t. This morning she had that very same look when she was talking about how I’ll be sixteen soon. She made a big deal out of it. It’s not like I am a chick and need a big flamboyant party to say, ‘Hey, look at me I am a big girl now’. Yeah, so whatever, right?...Well no. she wants me to celebrate with my friends on a different date than my actual birthday. That’s fine, but she said on my birthday she wants to spend the entire day with me. Just me, and get this, she’ll let me skip school. That part is cool, but I don’t know about the spending the whole day with her part. It’s not like we’re best friends, and what the hell are we gonna talk about? This is gonna be a nightmare.” Finally drawing in a deep breath I saw Jon, my best friend since I can remember, staring at me. Or maybe he was staring through me. Judging by his blank expression it was probably the first. “Dude, did you hear anything I just said?” I rubbed a hand on the back of my neck while contemplating a cigarette.
     “Yes. I heard it, heard it all. It’s only one day with your mom. I like your mom. And that’s the most I’ve ever heard you talk at once, this must really be stressing you out.” He spoke so nonchalant.
     “Do you like her enough to spend time alone with her?” I challenged. “Like a whole day with her, and only her?” I chose to ignore his comment about stress.
     “Sure. She isn’t my mom so it would be cool. And besides your mom puts up with all of your crap. She should get an award of some sort for having to deal with you.” His eyes looked towards my knee. It was bouncing up and down crazily. Something I did frequently, a bad habit. I’d been doing it as far back as I could remember, and usually unaware that it was happening. Thinking about it, the action seemed to help when I was in an emotional overload.
     He was right; I did what I wanted when I wanted, and it wasn't always good or legal. Cutting school, drinking, smoking, and sneaking around after curfew were not admirable things to be doing.
     “Hey now, I’ve been on the right path this week.” I thought back on my trip to jail a few nights ago. Something I wasn’t proud of, I didn’t feel the need to mention it to Jon. I always kept things like that hidden from people. That was my thing— being a loner.
      “D, it’s only Tuesday. I bet you can’t make it another day.”
      The bell rang and he hurried to his next class. After lingering in the hall for a few seconds, I decided to leave after what Jon said. He was right, I couldn’t make it another day. Passing on class, I ducked out of the side door of the school building.

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