Lunatic Luau, and Rick DeJesus of Adelita's Way

For my son's 14th birthday present in March, I got tickets for the whole family to go to the local Lunatic Luau in Virginia Beach. Which actually fell on my husbands birthday in May, a two-for-one deal, and that worked out just fine with me.

What is the Luau all you ask? Well, I had no earthly idea. I was skeptical and not sure I'd enjoy myself, but I love my family and so off we went. There were twelve bands on two different stages playing one after another from 3pm-10pm. Here's the line-up from that day. I pictured a bunch of metal heads, strange people, drunkenness, and smoking. And that's exactly what was there, boy I had  field day people watching. I absolutely loved that no matter the person (older in khaki's and a polo shirt, or youth in leather) everyone was their own person comfortable being in a hodgepodge of a crowd, and comfortable in their own shoes. Just like any other concert I've been to, music brings people together. But there were no issues during the Luau, no fights, no ill mannered people around us. Drunk yes, but otherwise things were fine.

Adelita's Way
Before we arrived I had a mental list of what bands I didn't want to see, and so I set off to watch the others. Out of all of them, it surprised me that I liked what I heard, and really enjoyed myself that night. One of my favorites that I heard was Adelita's Way.

I contacted the bands founder/vocalist/song writer, Rick DeJesus after the Luau, and asked him for the set list for that night, because I wanted to buy some of the songs. He's a super nice, down to earth kind of guy. So I asked him for a brief interview, and being the cool guy that he is, he said yes.

Before we get to that though, I need to say I've known the Adelita's Way song, Alive for years, and just never knew it was them. But now I know...

Interview with Rick DeJesus:

Q. Is there a book that you’ve read that you can’t forget? Why?
A. Game of Thrones it's pretty hard to forget because it's absolutely amazing.

Q. I know a busy man like yourself doesn’t have a whole lot of time to read nowadays while on tour, but if you had time to read what kind of books would interest you?
A.I think I'm gonna read Heaven next my wife is reading it now and I'm very interested in it.

Q. You write songs, I write books. We write. I’ve read interviews where you say inspiration for the songs you write comes from everywhere. It’s the same for me writing books, but when I write I need complete silence, no distractions, I even dim the lights, and have a drink on hand with a snack nearby. Is there anything specific you need while writing a song/album?
A. I just need to be able to focus, the original idea always comes at odd times, when I'm running, or cooking, I take that idea then I focus and help it become a reality.

Q. When I write I see the scene, I see people, I see the setting…What is it that you see when writing? Do you actually see a scene playing out in your head?
A. Of course, I see every person who feels the way I feel, it's almost like I'm connecting with them right there and they don't know it.

Q. Do you think of the words first, and then the tune, a chord, or a riffOr the other way around; the sound first with the words to be filled in later?
A. I start a lot of songs off with lyrics first and the song built around that.

Q. Is every single song you’ve written based on or inspired by something that has happened to you or someone close to you? 
A. Every song written is inspired by life, through my eyes, or I can feel the pain of others and tap into it.

Q. What do you love most about your job? And with the good comes the bad, what do you like the least?
A. I just love every aspect of music, it's good for the soul. The music business is the worst business I have ever seen, but the connection to music is so strong, that artists just deal with all of the downside.

Choose only one from each with no explanation:
Cats or Dogs- dogs
Red or Black- black
Hot or Cold- hot
Coffee or Tea- tea 
Vanilla or Chocolate- chocolate 
Top or Bottom- top

Share two things that the average person doesn’t know about you:
1 I was a star baseball player. 
2 I moved to Vegas when I was 19 years old, and had my own Las Vegas show.

**I'd like to thank Rick for taking the time to answer some questions for my blog, and to remind him he still owes me a set list :) But that's okay because I have it all figured out now. 

If you'd like to see if Adelita's Way is in your neighborhood, check out their events page, or "like" them on Facebook. If you do, say hello, and tell them Natalie sent you.

Here's their latest video, if you enjoy the song stop by iTunes and buy it.


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